Is Counselling for You?


Therebenefits-of-counselling-3 are many perspectives on seeking counselling and different opinions as to how it will help the individual in dealing with their cares, concerns and issues. From my studies, I have learnt that when a therapist sees their client, the ultimate aim is to teach the client how to counsel themselves. This will equip you with the tools and resources to move forward, healthily tackling future obstacles as they arise.

Counselling is for anyone who has experienced

  • A traumatic or hurtful event either recently or in the past;
  • For those who struggle with daily life challenges; and,
  • Those who are unsure how to help someone close to them overcome their hurdles.
  • If you are starting or expanding your family, before issues arise.

Throughout the therapy Wellness Counselling offers, you will gain practical insight into past hurts and unhealthy thought-belief patterns.

Counselling is not just about being listened to, while this is an essential component to productive therapy. Counselling requires a plan, tailor made for each individual/family unit. This requires work on the client’s behalf. When a person signs up for a gym membership, you may pay the fees each month, however unless you actually go to the gym and put the hard work in, the only difference you will see is in your bank account.

Wellness Counselling is for anyone who wants to improve their life in a holistic way, or to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. You are important, and so anything you find challenging will be treated with care and respect. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact me today.